Day Two and Three

I am so SORRY for the double post, but sleep was so much more important than informing you of my struggles! The exhaustion that the book discusses during the first week is SERIOUS. Every night, I have been falling asleep with ease and dreaming hard. The first two nights I had very vivid dreams that had nothing to do with food, but last night, I dreamed that I was eating crackers and salami and drinking sugary drinks. I woke up feeling so guilty. Don’t worry guys, I have yet to take a bite of something non-compliant.

Here is the update on the last couple of days: I feel totally fine in terms of cravings. I’ve had a few, but they are fleeting. The cravings are mostly for weird things that I never really wanted before. Yesterday, I was craving a PROTEIN SHAKE. Who even does that?

Physically, aside from being really tired, I’m feeling much less bloated and I am totally understanding the temptation to step on the scale. For those of you that aren’t a Whole30 expert, you are supposed to remain scale-free for the full 30 days. I took my starting weight, along with some before pictures so that I can compare when I am done. Also, I went to the gym for the first time since Day One and I got extremely light-headed and had to slow it down significantly. I hope that once my body gets more used to the no sugar thing, I will be able to pick up the intensity a little. Got to get that booty right!

Yesterday I didn’t even think about things I was missing out on because I made some delicious food. I woke up really wanting potatoes, so I drove to the grocery store a bought  a couple of small white potatoes to make into breakfast potatoes. I sauteed them with some diced yellow onion and diced jalapeno. The key to AWESOME potatoes is to not touch them…let them sit in the same spot and get nice and brown and crispy. I always microwave mine for a few minutes before I chop them up and put them in the skillet. Picture below:


After going to the gym, and warding off my gym protein shake craving (filled with tons of Whole30 non-compliant ingredients, PB and SUGAR), I came home and made myself the most exciting smoothie…who needs peanut butter protein shakes? I made it with almond milk, a splash of coconut milk, a full banana, 4-5 chunks of frozen pineapple for sweetness and a handful of frozen spinach. It had the most lovely texture and flavor. I was completely satisfied.


I really wanted pasta, but I don’t actually think it was pasta, I think it was the SAUCE that I wanted. I could drink pasta sauce straight! I had a giant spagetti squah that I bought earlier in the week, and I decided it needed a nice meat sauce. I searched for recipes online and ended up finding this one:

I switched it up a little bit. I added chopped white mushrooms to the recipe and instead of 2 cans of tomato sauce, I used one box of Pomi Strained Tomatoes and one small can of Cento Tomato Paste. Another note: I used spicy Italian sausage and was so blown away that almost every brand of sausage had added sugar. Be careful when buying your ingredients…even things you never thought would have sugar have some. SO SNEAKY.


SO that’s it for my report, but I just wanted to take a second and mention how overwhelming the support has been since I’ve annouced my participation. I have such incredible friends and family. People texting me just to check in, others saying that they are inspired to take control of their health. It’s made it that much easier for me to stick with it. With encouragement like this, I can do anything!


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