Day One

Last night, by the time I had finished cooking dinner, doing my homework and showering, I was WAY too exhausted to stay up and write this entry. My apologies.

Yesterday was one of the most emotionally difficult days I have had in a long time, and I will definitely say that not being able to cure my sadness, anxiety, etc. with cheese or chocolate cake was incredibly difficult. But I made it through the day and I am so proud of myself.

So, how am I feeling after the first day? Not so hot. THE SUGAR DETOX is real. Last night I had a terrible pounding headache, and an overall “not so great” feeling. It definitely made it much more difficult to finish my homework and wash all the dishes I dirtied when cooking dinner.

Before dinner, I was absolutely starving, so I made myself a snack. It was a few ounces of coconut milk, a scoop of coconut cream, some frozen pineapple and a couple of ice cubes. It took care of my craving for something sweet and satisfied my hunger until dinner was ready. This is a must try for anyone who is doing the Whole30! SO yum!

In other news, dinner was great. I grilled a steak, some asparagus and made some matchstick sweet potatoes in the oven.

image1.JPGI’m going to keep this post pretty short because I don’t have much to report and I’m in between classes right now. I’ll talk to all of you later today!

P.S. Update on turkey breakfast sausage: it was SO dry. Last night I added a half of a bag of frozen spinach, cooked up the rest of the sausage…AND THEN FORGOT TO PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE. Bye, bye turkey sausage patties. I do think that the spinach addition would have made it much more moist and delicious…we will see next time I make it.

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